G/S Land Solutions was created in 2012 and was able to build upon the success, name, and history of Granberg Surveying.  The company is owned & operated by Joe Granberg and Jon Sonnnetag.

Granberg Surveying has been in existence since 1997 throughout west central Wisconsin.  Joe Granberg originally came to the area from Eau Claire in 1986 and gained experience while being employed by other local Land Surveying companies until 1997 when he founded Granberg Surveying, Inc.  Granberg Surveying, Inc.’s main focus was on residential development on a small scale dealing with “difficult” properties that presented challenges for a typical development.

Joe has built a reputation of working with and for attorneys to sort out legal matters as they pertain to boundary and easement issues and application of land law to unique situations.  Joe is licensed in WI and MN and has experience with a large scope of services relating to the Land Surveying profession.

The progression from Granberg Surveying to GS Land Solutions is in part based upon the experience and expertise provided by Jon Sonnentag.  Mr. Sonnentag graduated from UW-Stevens Point in 1999 with an emphasis in Resource Management and Soil Science.  Jon started his career with the St. Croix County Zoning Department working on a variety of land use topics in the public sector.  Jon began managing residential subdivision projects for S&N Land Surveying (A division of Auth Consulting & Associates) in 2004.  Over the next 8 years Jon was able to gain valuable experience in a wide array of projects.

Mr. Sonnentag has developed an in-depth set of engineering and surveying skills by completing various projects with licensed engineers and surveyors.  Jon has the ability to rely on a wide array of software and hardware to develop solutions to difficult problems and increase productivity.  Mr. Sonnentag is also a certified soil tester (CST) and licensed inspector of Private On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems (POWTS).